...it’s time for heroes.

Grinding Gears is a playtest campaign for a custom system I am developing. It is also an experiment in gaming with children. The players are my 3 kids.

So far, the campaign has been very freeform and off the top of my head, but I am learning that that only goes so far.

I’m starting this campaign page to keep my notes on what has happened so far and what I intend to do next.

The setting for this campaign is a science-fantasy setting completely separate from the real world, a la Star Wars. My kids chose this primarily because it allowed them the most character options. I ended up spending fifteen minutes explaining that having all-powerful, invincible characters would not be fun because every adventure would be “you win.” But the setting stayed.

The portion of the galaxy where the characters are is ruled by an empire, but not an Evil one. One character is a warlord in the imperial army, one is a member of the military intelligence branch (half my youngest kid’s character, half an NPC) and the third is a farm mechanic swept up in the events of the campaign.

Grinding Gears