Grinding Gears

Calling for Backup

We're going to need a bigger stick...

The second session begins with the party investigating the explosion at the imperial palace. A little questioning led them to the emperor’s valet, who expressed his concern about some unusual activity just before the explosion. Convinced of the PC’s trustworthiness, he gives them a ring with which they can find those loyal to the emperor.

Keep in mind that the players are children. I’m not focusing too hard on the realities of court intrigue and mistrust.

Wearing the ring allows the PCs to visually identify other ring wearers. They are shortly contacted and directed to a safehouse where they meet the emperor.

They are then charged with the mission of finding out how deep the conspiracy goes in the military, so they head back to the military base to investigate the warlord’s commanding officer.

As they break into the base’s computers, they are discovered and arrested, but not before downloading a number of files’ worth of incriminating evidence.



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