Grinding Gears

Starting Up

In the beginning...

The first session began with setting and character creation. I let the players pick the genre, then had them start generating characters. From that, I made up the setting.

They chose a science-fantasy setting. I’m convinced they did this so they could have both magic and big guns. I was ok with that, because the narrative nature of my system would help me keep things under control.

One player developed a warlord with ice-elemental abilities. The other developed an elf who works as a farm mechanic and can shapeshift.

From these two characters (the third joined later), I decided that the empire is at war, and to maintain public support for the war effort, units would rotate onto “parade duty”. The warlord character is currently on parade, and the mechanic is out to see the spectacle.

But she spots someone on a nearby roof, aiming a rifle at the parade! Using her shapeshifting abilities, she files up to the roof and tries to stop the shooter. She is too late to prevent the shot, but not too late to throw the aim slightly off. The warlord is shot!

After the inevitable struggle, both PCs and the shooter ended up back at the military base for a debrief. It is there that the warlord learns that his commanding officer was behind the assassination attempt as he tries to kill the warlord there in his office.

Another struggle and the two PCs escape on a ship. They head for the imperial throneworld to report what they have discovered to the emperor. When they arrive, though, they find that there has also been an attempt on the life of the emperor, who is now missing.



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